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Partnership with the Republic of Kazakhstan: moving to a new practical level.

Today, Uzbekistan's international cooperation with neighboring and non-CIS countries is developing rapidly in various directions on the basis of the principles of openness, mutual trust, support and respect for each other's interests. In this context, SI "RSSPMCMChH" pays special attention to bilateral mutually beneficial relations with relevant organizations and institutions of the neighboring republics and gives them a separate place of honor. The signed memorandums on cooperation between the Centre and a number of Central Asian republics, as well as practical measures implemented on the basis of these international documents are a vivid confirmation of this.

It is also necessary to emphasize that the relations between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in the field of medicine have risen to a qualitatively new level over the past time. The relationship between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in medicine today is based on such valuable principles as good-neighborliness, partnership, alliance, professionalism and comprehensive support of the brotherly people. It is on the basis of these principles that fruitful and effective activity between the two countries is carried out.

In October 13 of the current year, an official delegation from Kazakhstan, including representatives of ministries and departments, Astana City Administration, as well as medical organizations and institutions of Kazakhstan, paid a working visit to the centre in order to acquaint the delegation with the results of the reforms being carried out in our country in the field of health care, on the example of the State Institution SI "RSSPMCMChH", and to exchange professional experience in the relevant areas of activity in obstetrics and gynecology.

The guests got acquainted with the conditions and amenities created in the centre for patients and medical staff, learned about the high-tech surgical operations and intrauterine operations of fetal medicine performed here. Particularly high praise was given to the effective work of the Centre in attracting foreign citizens from other countries and noted the large number of patients from Kazakhstan, who receive here highly qualified assistance.

At the end of the meeting they discussed issues of further strengthening of bilateral ties, implementation of joint research projects in the future, expansion of cooperation between relevant organizations of the two countries, and ultimately, bringing bilateral relations to a new exchange and practical level, which is an important role in the implementation of a number of scientific, promising projects and innovative ideas.

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